Above the forest of the parakeets,
A parakeet of parakeets prevails...

—Wallace Stevens, "The Bird with the Coppery, Keen Claws"

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Last Updated: March 21, 2007

Okay, here's the deal. Most of this page is sadly out of date and it needs a major overhaul sometime very soon. In the meantime, here's all you really need to know:

  • I've started a new blog! Visit Ocelopotamus: "News, Culture, and Politics. Not Necessarily in That Order."
  • There's a feature on me called "Totally Dave" over at e-poets.net! Lots of audio of me reading various poems, plus mini-essays by Ayun Halliday, Diana Slickman, Christopher Piatt and Kurt Heintz. (Click on the big splash image of me to enter.)
  • The Partly Dave Show has been on hiatus for far too long, but that's coming to an end. Keep an eye on the Partly Dave Show page.
  • And for news and updates on all of the above and more, be sure to join the Dave Awl News mailing list.

Got all that? Good. So glad we could have this little talk.

Keep reading below, if you'd like to, for more — ahem — historical information.

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  • WHAT THE SEA MEANS INFO: For basic info on my book of poems and monologues, visit the What the Sea Means page.
  • ONLINE PERFORMANCES: For online performances you can listen to anytime, see the Cyberspace section of this page.

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  • Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 7:30pm
    Homolatte Cabaret
    at Marrakech Expresso, 4747 N. Damen, Chicago
    with live music by Scott Free and Jeffrey Altergott

    Homolatte Cabaret is the Wednesday-night performance series hosted by the unstoppable Scott Free, and formerly known as Grinder Cabaret. I've performed at Homolatte/Grinder a number of times and it's always a fabulous time: friendly crowd, great energy, warm & intimate feel, lots of fun. As the name implies, Homolatte is a showcase for the homo-fabulous community, but the hetero-fabulous are more than welcome (and the audience is usually mixed), so don't get all hetero-shy or anything.

    Admission is free with pass-the-hat for the artists (suggested donation $5). Showtime is 7:30pm (show runs about 90 minutes), and these days Homolatte hangs its hat at Marrakech Expresso, 4747 N. Damen (just a block or so north of the Damen stop on the Brown Line) in Chicago. As for food, according to Metromix.com, "Besides the usual cup of joe, the menu includes Moroccan tea, tea-infused smoothies, pastries and desserts, and a variety of Moroccan dishes."

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Partly Dave box ad

    The Partly Dave Show is currently on hiatus ... we hope to be back sometime in 2006 with a new season. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, you can visit the Partly Dave Show page for info about the show, including an archive of past shows, and a Partly Dave Show FAQ to answer all your little questions.

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    27 authors, 200 plays ... six years of my life.

    Back in 1998, I agreed to edit a book collection of scripts from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. If you've ever tried to edit a book containing work by 27 authors spread out all over the country, or just herd a couple dozen cats past the place where a tuna truck collided with an ice cream stand, you'll understand why the book finally arrived SIX YEARS LATER, at the tail end of 2004.

    The book is titled 200 More Neo-Futurist Plays (from Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind), and it collects a couple hundred scripts by the 27 authors who were members of The Neo-Futurists, in both Chicago and New York, between 1993 and 2002. The book includes eight scripts by me, including five that were not already published in my book What the Sea Means: "Theater Chat," "Copernicus Died for Our Sins," "Play Poems (Hommage a Kenneth Koch)," "In Praise of Depilatory Walrus Jelly," and yes, the one you've all been waiting for, "I'm a Potato!" (I also wrote the book's preface. Editors get to do stuff like that.)

    You can get a copy of 200 More Neo-Futurist Plays at The Neo-Futurarium, or buy it online via The Neo-Futurists' online boutique.

  • Blithe House Quarterly
  • "Love The Shirt" in Blithe House Quarterly: In June of 2004, my short story "Love The Shirt" was published in the Summer 2004 issue of Blithe House Quarterly, the pre-eminent journal of gay and lesbian literary fiction.

    "Love The Shirt" is a campy little comedy about a man whose shirt is more popular than he is. You can read "Love The Shirt" online at the BHQ site.

  • WHAT THE SEA MEANS: My book What the Sea Means was released at a festive book release party at The Neo-Futurarium in Sept of 2002, at which John "Jughead" Pierson's band Even in Blackouts played and many vegetarian mini-corn dogs were served. Here are the specs on the book:

    The back cover photo for What the Sea Means. Taken by Kurt Heintz in June, 1999 at the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire, England.

    Title: What the Sea Means: Poems, Stories & Monologues 1987-2002
    Publisher: Hope and Nonthings Press
    Publication Date: September 21, 2002
    ISBN #: 0-9707458-7-7
    Cover price: US $12.95      Pages: 192

    Visit the What the Sea Means page for full info, ordering information and eventually some excerpts from the book.

  • Neo Solo cover
  • NEO SOLO: 131 NEO-FUTURIST SOLO PLAYS FROM TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND: The long-awaited book of monologues and one-person plays from TMLMTBGB, Neo Solo, is an awesome reading experience, packed full of work by literary giants like Kotis and Hermes and Slickman and Strus and Kodeski and Halliday and...oh, you get the point. There are 25 giants and 131 scripts, for Pete's sake. And yeah, I've got six pieces in there, too, up to and including "I'm a Secretary!" You can get it at The Neo-Futurarium, mail order it via the Hope and Nonthings site, or read all about it on the Amazon page.

  • FARM SANCTUARY BENEFIT CD: In 2001 the Mountain Collective released a CD benefiting Farm Sanctuary (a sanctuary for abandoned and abused farm animals), which features a track by yours truly. My contribution to the disc is "Young Person's Guide to Synchronicity," from the Too Much Light CD. The rest of the disc is a compilation of tracks by various punky types including Atom & His Package, Countdown to Putsch, Antiproduct and many more. The disc is available directly from Mountain Collective; you can order it, and hear samples from the disc, by clicking on the banner below.

  • WEB SIGHTS: I just built and launched the official Web site for Ayun Halliday, author of the hilarious new book The Big Rumpus, publisher of the wildly popular zine East Village Inky, and old Neo-Futurist compatriot. Check out her site — it's a melonfarming good time!

    If you haven't already, visit the grand hotel lobby of the site where this page is located—my Web portal, Ocelot Factory. Content includes my sites devoted to Russell Hoban and Ursula K. Le Guin, and the sites I maintain for my old Neo-Futurist compatriot (now award winning zine publisher and essayist) Ayun Halliday and Chicago's fabulous Sweat Girls.

CYBERSPACE: Listen anytime, anywhere

    Interview and reading from What the Sea Means, 10/6/02
    On October 6, 2002 I was interviewed on the Windy City Radio show, talking about What the Sea Means and reading the poem "Letter to Mark in Dublin." Windy City Radio is a weekly magazine show focusing on stuff of interest to the queer community, (but straight people are allowed to listen too, so don't be shy). If you've got RealAudio installed, you can hear the interview here ...click on the Oct. 6, 2002 show in the left-hand menu for "Windy City Radio."

    Featured in The Book of Voices on e-poets.net!

    Check out The Pride 2000 Reading in The Book of Voices on Kurt Heintz's superlative electronic poetry matrix, e-poets.net. You can hear me and a gaggle of Chicago's A-list queer poets doing performances from last year's Pride Month reading at Women and Children First books in Andersonville. I read "Letter to Mark in Dublin" for the first time ever. You'll need Real Audio installed to listen. Click on my name and then click on the "Audition Poetry" button.

    The infamous "Sissies" episode of This American Life!

    If you've got Real Audio, you can hear my much-replayed appearance on the NPR show This American Life, talking about my traumatic high school days, and my evolution from put-upon-pansy to pansy punk. The episode is called "Sissies" and also features John Connors, Mubarak Dahir, and Dan Savage. Click on the link above and once you get to the TAL page, click on the blue "RealAudio" button in the upper right corner.


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